Staying in a bed and breakfast In Paris during your holidays will get you “two for the price of one”.
This is a smart way to combine a centrally located reasonably priced accommodation with cultural experience of real life with the Parisians.

Choosing the right bed and breakfast for your stay in Paris might sound a bit tricky. Where to go to select your bed and breakfast? How to find out if it is the right choice?
The good news is that you won’t have to worry about it. Paris City Council and the Convention and Visitors Bureau have decided to organize the bed and breakfast market in Paris. They have set up a quality charter followed by the major Bed and breakfast professionals. That means for you a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

The professionals following the quality charter rules have one of these two logos on their websites: Make sure you see it before making a reservation through them.

What exactly can you expect from a Bed and Breakfast in Paris complying with the quality charter?:
1 – The guest room will be comfortable, welcoming and measure a minimum of 10 sq.m.
2 – It will be perfectly clean, with the bed in excellent condition.
3 – Guest rooms won’t have any night-time noise or disturbance.
4 – The bathroom is composed of at least a sink, a bath or a shower. It will be indicated if it is shared or private.
5 – All the elements should be clean and in perfect working order. It will be cleaned every day if they are shared and every 4 days if they are private.
6 – The breakfast will be carefully served by the homeowners, the French-style family breakfast must include at least tea, coffee or hot chocolate, milk, fresh bread, butter and jams.
There are 6 online booking services that comply with and implement those rules. They make sure that owners provide you the best quality services. Their prices may vary between 50 and 120 euros a night for a double room breakfast included depending on area and facilities.

Locate and choose your bed and breakfast in Paris
I have made a selection of bed and breakfast booking companies:

The Bed and Breakfast Online Booking Platforms:
From my experience and the research I have done for you, there are two booking platforms that come out of the lot: and . These websites are user friendly, information is easy to find and in English.
That doesn’t mean that the other websites don’t have great bed and breakfast rooms for you it is just that either the info is not easily reachable, not translated in English properly, website is often down or you will have to fill up forms to get the info via mail (such a nonsense to me).
You just will have to be extra patient (which I am not) to get what you want. Here is the full list:

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