This page will help you find the genuine Boutique Hotels Paris has to offer.

Boutique Hotels are the new trend in town and even if the concept first appeared in New York and London it became a very Parisian trend

The Boutique Hotel concept became popular among
consumers. Everyone in the hotel industry tried to take advantage of this new market and the financial opportunities it represented. It became a little confusing for the traveler and hard to separate the real Boutique Hotels from the pretenders.
You might be wondering what is the difference between hotels and boutique hotels. Paris Boutique Hotels share common characteristics. Even if “Boutiqueness” may be in the eyes of the beholder here is a list of criteria that will help you find your boutique hotel in Paris:

Boutique Hotels have atmosphere
This is the number one criteria that defines a Boutique Hotel. Designers spend a lots of thoughts attention to details and money into creating atmosphere. The idea is to give the customer a “WOW” moment as they walk in. As a rough guide I have identified three categories of atmosphere you will encounter:

Classic – Historical – Vintage, e.g: Hotel Francois 1er
Design – Fashion – Contemporary, e.g: Hotel Bellechasse
Zen – Minimalist design,e.g: Hotel Sezz

Boutique Hotels are small
Small size is another characteristic of Paris boutique hotels. In traditional Hospitality industry you would think of small as a handicap. In Boutique Hotels smaller sizes is used to give customer a feeling of staying at a private estate with intimacy and personalized services. They usually are less than 50 rooms.

Boutique hotels have unique design and style

Because uniqueness is key most of them have been specifically designed by architect, interior designer or even fashion designer. Great attention has been paid to furniture, fabrics, shapes, colors, use of technology to enhance lights and sounds.

Boutique Hotels offer great customer services
A boutique hotel staff will anticipate on your needs and not just respond to demands. Customer experience will often be enhanced by the presence of fine restaurants, Lounge or cocktail bars, spas, reading rooms, gym, and even night clubs and ice bars. You will often see temporary art or photo exhibitions in the lobby.

Boutique Hotels have great locationThe most popular areas for Boutique Hotels in Paris are Saint Germain Des Pres near Latin Quarter (6,7 districts), Champs Elysees and Opera area (8,9, 16th districts). They also are more expensive locations in Paris. Other popular locations in Paris for boutique hotels are Le Marais (3,4th districts) Bastille (10, 11th districts) and Montmartre (18th district) properties in those area are usually less expensive.

Paris boutique Hotels are usually four star properties

Boutique hotels fall into the luxury accommodation category. In Paris they usually are four star properties. Some three star have joined the category. Hotels presented here have average prices between €121 with Hotel Axial Beaubourg in Le Marais and €539 Hotel Montalembert In Saint Germain Des Pres near Latin Quarter.

Choose Your Boutique Hotel In ParisI have made a selection of Paris Boutique Hotels of different styles and prices in several areas. Each map groups Boutique Hotels located in one of Paris main touristic area. Selection has been made based on the criteria above. All the hotels selected have high customer rankings across different non biased customer reviews.
Just click on markers on maps or sidebars to select a hotel and click on link in pop up windows to get more info and book online on the hotel official website.
Before making a reservation, Make sure you see some pictures on the hotel website and you go through customer reviews to make sure hotel style and location suits you (Useful links at the end of this page).

Boutique Hotels Paris Latin Quarter and Surrounding area:
Districts 5 6 7 13

Boutique Hotels Paris Marais - Louvre and surrounding area:Districts 1 2 3 4

Boutique Hotels Paris Montmartre and Surrounding area:
Districts 18 19

Boutique Hotels Paris Bastille - Oberkampf and Surrounding area:Districts 10 11 12

Boutique Hotels Paris Champs Elysees - Opera and Surrounding area:Districts 8 9 16 17

Online booking platforms and review websites to sharpen your search of Boutique Hotels in Paris:
Boutique Hotels Specialized websites have selected a number of Paris hotels they work with. They have plenty of picture and detailed descriptions of hotel facilities to help you make your choice. Compare their rates with the ones offered on the hotels official websites ( links in the pop up windows on maps above). they also have customer reviews but I am not sure they are as unbiased as they pretend so don't put too much weight on those.

My Boutique Hotel

Once you see something you like go to Tripadvisor and Yahootravel to check the user reviews:


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